Bedding Collection

We proudly present our latest collection available to pre-order now. Developed with sustainable production and quality print design at heart, our 100% organic cotton children's bedding range.
Unique and colourful designs for your growing individual - from bean to tween.
Six fabulous duvet sets to choose from, each set consists of a duvet cover with back and front design, 2 printed pillow cases, and a large square printed cushion all neatly packaged inside a drawstring PJ bag so no need for plastic packaging.
We have designed each set to eliminate fabric and printing wastage, did you know that nearly all factories print the whole design edge-to-edge on the fabric? This means that when the desired pieces have been cut there is a lot of fabric and printing ink wastage that needs to be re-sold or else could go to landfill, we have developed a way of laying out our designs to use exactly what we need with no wastage...this means that you the customer get some lovely extras...hence the big cushion cover and a pj bag :)