​I am giving the teepee as a gift and want to make the best impression – any tips?

I know lots of you lovely people will soon (or have already) be receiving your new Moozle teepee in time for Christmas and birthdays, it’s always a nice idea to set the teepee up the night before the big day so you can see the happiness on your child’s face when they see their new hiding place, as opposed to a pile of wooden poles and some folded up fabric!
Some people like to decorate the teepee with fairy lights, bunting and such which looks lovely (see some of our customer photos on the blog), and another nice idea is to put the other presents all piled up inside the teepee for your little one to discover – just remember to have the camera ready!


How do I get my teepee to stay up without the ties sliding down the poles?

There is a trick to getting the poles to stay up nice and tightly and not slide down, you need to tie them something like the image below.

You need to wrap the long tie, around the outside of the poles once to hold them in place, then wrap the tie up and around the poles as many different ways as possible. This way the poles are held tightly, and slightly outwards, keeping the sides of the teepee taught at the top and stopping the tie from sliding downwards.

You may need to re-tie the poles like this from time to time if you are keeping your teepee up for long periods of time as the fabric tie can stretch and loosen, especially when it is new.

You can see even more pics of various ways to wrap the tie up, under and around the poles over on Moozlehome Flickr.com pages. Happy camping!


My teepee is being pulled inwards too much at the base, what can I do about this?

Only set the short poles in place once your teepee is correctly arranged and tied at the top.

Next, set the poles up so that the thin poles that slot in around the base of the tent are tied around the outside of the upright poles as shown in the photo below. If your floor panel is pulling the poles inwards too much, loosen off the tie from the floor panel so that the poles are extended to their fullest giving maximum room inside the teepee.