10 Ways to sleep better in your own bedroom

We all know just how important it is to get a good nights sleep, we feel so much better for it, in our minds as well as in our bodies.

Not all of us are blessed with perfect sleeping patterns, some of us can sleep through thunder and lightening (or a baby crying, most annoyingly for those who are the 'other' partner) and some of us wake up when next doors cat sneezes ;)

So, what's the answer? Sadly there's no one big factor that works for us all, but, there are some very good tips that will give you the best chance of some sleep success.


1. Rituals. Go to bed at a reasonable time. This is easier said than done when you don't have much 'me time’, or get comfortable binge watching a new series, or have too much work to catch up on, but, think of it as self care. Give yourself an early night, most nights!


2. Exercise. Doing some gentle stretching, meditation, yoga nidra or breathing exercises really helps to calm and restore your nervous system ready for sleeping. Especially if you've had a busy day but also if you've had a stressful day dealing with people/travel/small humans and even if you've had a day where you've been glued to your desk, stretching is really important, it eases out our muscles, helps the fluid circulate around your joints and helps prevent stiffness and inflammation (the number one cause of most ailments).


3. Less screen time before bedtime. It's well researched that the blue light emitted from our devices triggers our brains to produce hormones that stimulate rather than relax us. We tell our kids to switch off but we need to tell ourselves too.


4. Quality cotton bedding. Now this is really important, cotton, especially organic cotton helps to regulate our body temperature. It is also anti-bacterial, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to wash it, every week if possible! Wash and air your bedding well and often, make your bed every morning, shake out and turn back the duvet to let the mattress and covers air, it will really helps you feel comfortable in your bed. 2 sets of good quality bedding means you can wash and wear one at the same time. At least your bed can wear it, not you ;)


5. Drink some water or herbal tea. Hydrate your body, not so much that you need to get up half way through the night but drinking water or herbal tea in the evening helps to flush out toxins and helps your body do it’s rejuvenating ‘thing’ whilst you get your rems. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!


6. A clutter free space. Sleeping in a clutter free bedroom helps your mind feel less distracted, clearer and able to switch off. It will also mean there’s less chance of breathing in dust whilst you slumber.


7. Write a to-do list that evening. If you are like me and your mind is full of all the things you need to get done the next day, I often wake up at 3.30am with everything whizzing around in my brain but if I take a few minutes in the evening to write down or make a phone note of the things I need to remember, it clears my mind and helps me to feel less stressed and more prepared for the following days tasks.


8. A comfortable mattress. Changing your mattress every 10 years is highly recommended. Investing in as good a mattress as you can afford is well worth it seeing as we spend a third of our lives in bed and back, hip, shoulder pain is often caused or worsened by bad sleeping positions caused by an unsupportive mattress. Do we need to mention dust mites??!


9. Ear plugs and/or a sleeping mask. If you need them you need them. Loud street, noisy neighbours, snoring partner, too much light…give yourself a break and get kitted out!


10. Tidy up before going to bed. A lovely little ritual to get into the habit of, a few minutes ‘straightening up’ before going to bed not only stretches out your muscles but also calms you mind and is nice to wake up to in the morning. Set the table for breakfast, plump up the sofa, put the dishes in the dish washer, just a few minutes can make a big difference, enjoy your home, you deserve it x