About Moozle


Thank you for finding us. We are Moozle, a small family run business based in Amsterdam. We have been making play teepees for children since 2007,  teepees have been featured in many of the top interiors and kids design blogs as well as magazines such as Elle Decoration UK, Junior Mag, and Living Etc UK.

We are now adding to our range and introducing a selection of original artworks. Illustrations by founder Kate have been made into posters and prints that are sure to add to your creative and style conscious home.                                       

All Moozle products are designed to with care and attention to detailand the environment, all of our packaging is eco friendly where possible, please re-sue, compost or recyle whatever you can.

Created by designer Kate Clarkson (BA hons in fashion and textile design). Our quirky mix of contemporary digital art and hand painted and drawn illustrations gives Moozle a fresh and individual style.

Whilst we do our very best to meet your needs, your birthday and Christmas dates, and help create the perfect order for you and your family we are only human, at busy times it can take a while to get through orders (or balance work and play, sometimes if the sun is shining we need to play outside with our kids). If we don’t get back to you straight away, give me a nudge, it’s just me, Kate, manning the emails. If I don’t answer the phone maybe you’ve called at school pick-up or post office run time so please try again, I’d love to speak with you.

We are certainly NOT Amazon, we don’t have big warehouses with lots of staff, we do however produce locally and use sustainable components, we care about our planet and create as little waste as possible.

If you are in or around Amsterdam why not make an appointment to pick up a teepee in person and save the shipping cost?

With best wishes, Moozle x