Our Story

our Moozle story


Hello and thank you for visiting, I'm Kate the designer and founder of Moozle.

I am a British woman living in the Netherlands with my partner and our two children.

As a former fashion turned textiles designer and I love to work with beautiful colour and patterns and have a real passion for sustainable production, low waste and fair-made products. Moozle has evolved into a colourful print-centric and eco conscious homewares brand.

I offer you my distinctive and whimsical designs currently in the form of playful prints applied to beddings and wall art that will, I hope, bring colour and joy to your home.

I want you to have fun with my print designs, mix and match to find the perfect pieces for your family. Combine my designs with pieces you already have, or shop the whole look, I don't mind, I'd just like to add a bit of colourful Moozle magic to your home.

You can rest assured that all of my products are ethically and sustainably made. All of my packaging can be composted or recycled and contains no plastic, I have a low waste policy so I give my customers extra items to prevent fabric going to landfill. We only use 100% organic cotton as it is better for our planet and your health.

My artworks are printed to order at a partner lab nearest to you, thus saving precious energy and resources as well as giving you the benefit of lower postage costs.

Find out more about our sustainability ethos here.

Oh and incase you are wondering, the name Moozle came about because it was a nickname my partner Dennis gave to our daughter Dolly when she was a baby, such a cute little Moozle and now we have two cute but not so little Moozles at home :)

With love, Kate x