Our Pledge to Planet Earth

Now more than ever we all have to make a commitment to sustainable living to ensure humans have a future here on our beautiful planet.

Unfortunately human behaviour and lack of forward thinking in the past have compromised our very existence.

Whilst we at Moozle love design, colour and print we love our environment more, after all, everything we do is inspired by nature, we firmly believe at heart that we are part of nature, we are all connected and we all need to work together.

With this in mind we wanted to find a way of doing what we love, designing and making beautiful printed products to enhance your home environment whilst at the same time causing minimal to zero damage impact.

This is why our bedding collection is made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and is sustainably produced. We only print what is required. We do not over produce and we use up ALL of our fabric, you will be happy to know that valuable resources (energy, water, raw materials, labour etc) have not been wasted in over production.

We have developed a way to layout our bedding sets so no fabric is wasted (a huge problem in the textiles industry is waste), by doing so we need to use up every inch of fabric, so we decided to add extra items to each bedding set to fill in the gaps that would otherwise have needed to be sold as surplus or sent to landfill by the factory (general practice amongst textile manufacturers). That's why our bedding bundles and 5 piece duvet sets include 'extra's' such as a pillowcase, cushion and a PJ bag...about that PJ bag...what better way to package our product and eliminate the need for plastic packaging in-store :)

We only digitally print our designs. This is much more efficient than rotary/screen printing, less water, no ink wasted, cleaner all round.

We have sourced a factory that can not only print to a super high quality on our organic cotton but that uses state-of-the-art methods that use only the bare minimum water consumption and low-impact water based eco OEKO-TEX inks.

We only work with certified organic cotton, we don't agree with crop spraying dangerous chemicals onto the earth that will end up in our water table. Our cotton poplin has a 250 thread count meaning it is stronger and more dense weave than many other brands so Moozle bedding will wash and wear for much longer, a longer product lifespan means it will cost you and the planet less in the long run. 

We currently work with factories close in proximity to the fabric mills (some companies will produce in EU but not mention that the fabric has to be shipped from India to get there) and this does cut down on shipping emissions, however we know we can do better and want to be able to work closer to home, until that is possible, our mission is to off-set the carbon footprint caused by shipping/distribution methods therefore we will reserve a percentage of each sale to support tree planting projects and renewable energy sources.

Find out more about this soon on our blog.

We are committed to doing what we can for future generations and would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or initiatives you'd like to talk to us about, please get in touch via our contact page x

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