A Welcome Change

Hello and welcome to my first blog post of 2020!

Thank you for finding Moozle and for taking a few minutes to read this post, it is a bit different from my other posts so far, but an important one.

I have long recognised that we humans need to change our manufacturing and consumer habits in the Western world if we want to save our beautiful planet from being damaged further by Western led over consumption and lack of future sustainability. From crop spraying with chemicals that are toxic to our water, fracking the earth sucking it dry, dumping waste into the oceans, tearing down our clean air filters (otherwise known as trees) to make way for plantations of palms, the oil of which that is used in many ways including making plastic packaging that can't be recycled and further pollutes or environment...it is a never ending cycle of over production, over consumption and greed. 

This attitude is fed to us, the consumers, by marketing/advertising, making us want more, more, more, often at low prices so we think we can afford it, "well, at that price I just had to have it", even when our planet can't afford it, not any more.

The capitalist machine has to keep growing, has to keep making more money, it's a false economy when we are maxing out and spending money we don't have, keeping us slaves to the grindstone, paying off our credit cards, loans and mortgage until we die (at least the French have come together and taken a stand against the revised pension plan and won...for now).

But, a change is coming. The older generation, the boomers, they are not going to be around for another 10 years or so, many of them can't see the change that's needed, but the younger ones, they can. They know.

The consumer attitude is swinging, it's not just a trend, it's a movement. And I welcome it. 

What you buy, how you use (or re-use) 'things', who you buy from and how products are made are all being considered now more than they ever were before on a mass scale.

A companies sustainability ethos, environmental impact and earth kindness (including people kindness, fair pay and good working conditions) are now vital factors in whether the company will thrive and survive as the consumer cares and puts planet before greed.

You can read about how the fashion industry insider and trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort observes and predicts our future buying habits in an insightful article taken from The Guardian

This quote from the linked article should entice you to read more -

She argues that in the next decade – as people tire of overconsumption – our lives will shift radically. She urges the assembled fashion professionals to “make much less, make it better and make it more expensive”. She says that success will not be expressed in dollars but “in degrees of happiness”.

Hannah Marriott - The Guardian

As a product producer, Moozle is committed to being as environmentally mindfull and transparent as possible. We are passionate about product quality and our manufacturing methods, you can read more about our commitments and ethos on Our Pledge To Planet Earth page.

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