Dolls Bedding

A little while ago I made some sweet dolls bedding to match the Swans and Rainbows and Unicorn Doodle bedding sets. It was a gift for a friend (Madeline at Leo&Moon) who has the matching sets for her daughters. This is a great way to use up any left over fabrics I have and fits our Low Waste eco policy perfectly.

I forgot all about it until she sent me this cute photo (that I just found on my camera roll!)...

Moozle dolls bedding

It looks like their cat is enjoying them too...

Pictured below is the single bed size Swans and Rainbows duvet set in their home (Madeline told me her daughters were actually fighting over who got the Unicorn Doodle set! It is hot property for young girls).

All of the pictured rattan furniture can be shopped via Leo&Moon
You can find the Unicorn Doodle bedding here.
The Swans & Rainbows duvet set has now SOLD OUT.
Want to order some dolls bedding to match your childs duvet set? Get in touch with your request :)