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Hello and welcome to the Moozle blog, my little corner of the internet where I like to share news, inspiration and other small businesses and creatives I discover along the way.

Today I want to share with you the awesome illustrations of Hayley Cunningham the UK based founder of Kid Of The Village. I've been following Hayley on Instagram for some time now and was thrilled when we started collaborating recently, I think her wonderfully playful and bold illustration style works so well alongside my bedding, below you can see some examples of how we styled each others work along with our own creations.


Kid Of The Village Mermaids


Kid Of The Village and Moozlehome

One of the nicest aspects of my work is collaborating with other designers, it feels so refreshing to connect and can often give you a new approach to how you see your own work. 

Hayley was kind enough to find the time to answer some questions and share her approach with us.

1. What, for you personally are the best / worst aspects of being self employed?

Personally I love the freedom working for myself allows me. I'm mum to a 4 and 3 year old so it's amazing to be able to fit work around the kids nursery/school hours. That's not to say it's a perfect balance, because it's not! I do find myself working evenings and weekends when i can fit it in. So I guess that's probably the worst aspect of it as well, there's never really any 'time off' :-) But I wouldn't change it.

2. What do you wish you could have told a younger version of yourself before starting this creative business and self employment?

Just go for it! I always knew I wanted to work for myself doing something creative, despite spending years before I had children working in the financial services industry- not remotely creatively! I never had the confidence to just do it or do something. I sort of stumbled into making art prints as I'd initially though I wanted to make children's clothes but didn't have the funds to get it going. In the end I just started making art, without any real experience or knowledge of how I would sell or market it. But doing something is 100% the best way to learn. I made a lot of mistakes and evolved. I am still evolving. I think it's all part of the process (plus a lot of fun that way!).

And, lastly, just for fun.

3. If you could invite any guests (past or present) over for Christmas dinner at your place, who would you choose?

Hard question! Actually Christmas is all about family for me so the perfect Christmas dinner would be with my family and if COVID lockdown eases enough for us all to be together that's more than enough for me!   

 Moozle Delilah print duvet cover

Thank you so much Hayley, I really appreciate your time and your honest and open answers. The thought of bringing the family together for Christmas during this difficult time is exactly my sentiment too. x

Moozle 1977 fitted sheet in the home of Hayley from Kid Of The Village

You can follow Hayley on Instagram here. and find her beautiful printed illustration designs on her website here.

And of course you can find more Moozle inspiration, behind-the-scenes, collaborations and news on Instagram here.

Please do try to shop small this Christmas more than ever, with so many fantastic small independent businesses out there to choose from it's easy to find something well made, unique and special without giving your hard earned cash to the multinationals. Every pound/euro you spend with a small business helps them to thrive and keeps our economy healthy so we can all benefit. I'll be putting together my round-up of best kids room related small businesses later this week. For more information about supporting small businesses visit Holly&Co.

Until then, with love and light, Kate x