Meditation Mask

This eye mask is my unique design featuring a tulle pocket for holding a crystal gem stone.
This is perfect for when you want to connect with your crystal, go deeper with your meditation and for chakra work.

My unique design enables you to wear the crystal at your third eye chakra if you wish to (you really don't have to use the pocket if you don't want to), either against your skin (through the soft tulle pocket) or facing outwards, depending on your practice.
crystal meditation eye pillow moozle yoga eye mask
You can find out more about the story behind these meditation masks on my @earthsfolk instagram page or website.

This collection of eye masks has been made with @moozlehome organic cotton poplin, digitally printed with eco inks in exclusive Moozle designs and filled with organic lavender and linseed giving the perfect weight and relaxing aroma to enhance your meditation or savasana experience.

Sent with matching pouch to help protect your mask.

Moozlehome meditation mask eye pillow and pouchMoozlehome meditation eye pillow and pouch

Once the masks are made they are then infused with healing white time energy by a level 3 energy healer (similar to reiki).

These masks make wonderful gifts to yourself or another.

moozlehome crystal healing meditation mask yoga eye pillow

*Crystals not included.

Intellectual property rights held by Kate Clarkson / Moozle / Earthsfolk

What our customers have said about our eye masks

"It was so relaxing, I fell asleep wearing it."

"I gave two as a teacher gifts at the end of term and now I'm buying more as they were received so well."

"I was given one of these as a gift, I love it so much I'm getting one for my mother".

"I get so many nice comments about my Earthsfolk mask at my yoga class! Thank you for making them x."