Moozle is a growing, mama-run business with design, sustainable production, earth centric choices and consumer kindness at our core. We don't have a PR budget or a marketing team yet we are growing organically and within our means, we don't want to cause any waste, we don't overstock. We want to change consumer mentality one sale at a time.

With this is mind we are always over joyed (and over excited) when great children's blogs such as shine a spotlight on us and help to get the word out about Moozle.

Thanks so much x

If you are a blogger, influencer or stylist with a passion for well designed, well made kids products by companies like Moozle who are pushing for production transparency then please get in touch...we might want to work with you!

As a consumer, YOU have power. You make ethical choices with your spending choices whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

People. Planet, then profit.

Support small shops, shop local, shop small, shop ethical.

And boycott the companies that harm our planet, that don't pay their workers fairly or abuse human rights and that just are not kind :(