Shout Out to Our Friends

Hello and welcome back to the blog, thanks for being here.

Today I wanted to take the time to say a big thank you to some of our wonderful friends and collaborators we have had the pleasure of working with recently, you may see their pictures here on the website and on our Instagram page so I'd like to formally link their respective accounts, blogs and websites :)


It is an absolute joy and highlight of my work to collaborate with other creative mums who share the same love of putting together fun and inspiring children's environments. We all want to stimulate our children's imaginations by giving them a sense of wonder and playfulness whilst they are young.

With my designs I want to spread the happiness that colour and pattern can evoke. I am always intrigued to see how my designs fit into other peoples homes, how different they can look when styled in unexpected ways and teamed with other colours and prints. You can make my designs YOURS. Just see how different they can look in the homes above.

I don't believe in buying into trends, buy something because YOU love it. I don't even want you to buy a whole look, mix it with what you have already, keep it for years, repurpose things, hand them down, LOVE them. Make memories with them.

My prints hold a sense of whimsy and nostalgia, my wish is that they help form and become part of your family story and your child's memories of home.

Happy, colourful, playful, HOME.

With thanks to the collaborators above, you can find out more about each one via the following links -

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8. We Sea More

9. Twin Style Blog

10. Studio Nicnol

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14. Borrie n Lex

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16. Studio Nicnol

Please do Pin and share if you like what you see, it really helps to spread the word and support all these wonderful small, creative businesses.

Thank you x